Kelly Sturek

Kelly Sturek studied business at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where he exceled in entrepreneurial studies. He has worked for his parents' growing IT business in Las Vegas, as a business development intern at, Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics. Currently Kelly runs business development, sales, marketing, team leading and fundraising. Kelly’s focus in innovation takes him to many different fields of study whether it's technology or food science.

Julianne Kopf

Julianne Kopf graduated with a Masters in Food Science & Technology from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She is the leading innovator in the insect food industry.  Has worked as a lab tech in the UNL Food Processing Center. Focusing on new ingredient development & capabilities. One of her main projects was assisting Aaron Doessy and Laurie Keeler's research on cricket protein extraction. Julianne is the Industry Administrator for the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture.

Alec Wiese

Alec studied Economics at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He has experience in multiple design disciplines, web development, marketing, and IT experience. His current role at Bugeater Foods is developer and webmaster of our e-commerce, inventory manager, and packaging and promotional designer.

Kunal Sethi

Member at Angel Capital Association, Westchester Angels, American Waterworks Association, Water Environment Federation, New York Bio and New York Academy of Sciences.. An Impact Investor in disruptive technologies to bring about a social change and the founder of S CAP NYC with nearly 15 years of financial experience focusing on Food, Life Science and Environmental Science, I believe in impact investing & partnering with technologies to bring about a social change. This journey began with MetLife that led to managing investments at banks like ABN AMRO, RBS and ANZ for High Net worth Individuals & Institutions. The transition to Social Entrepreneurship began with a couple of angel investments, I realised problems in the way we diagnose & treat diseases and identified the importance of healthy eating and drinking clean water. From thereon Impact Investing became my focal point of interest. By combining my banking experience with a life long passion for science, I chose to be the change by investing to start S CAP. Originally from India, I moved to Singapore and finally to New York, to “ Make a Living, Not a Killing” in the Impact Investing world. Today, I invest & partner with growth stage companies in Food, Life Science & Clean Tech to bring about a social change using Impact Investing. I also believe in creating sustainable jobs for Millenials as part of the solution. That’s why the S CAP Millennial Program is important in Food, Life Science & Clean Tech.